Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Ruins and the Urban Environment

Currently working on a project that looks at ruins and their significance within the urban environment.  The word 'ruin' often has connotations of being a magical or interesting place yet the word can also be seen as more negative.  I wanted to show that the everyday ruin can be seen in any street in any town or city, that we are creating a ruined environment. This paper cut out is a view from a tenement window into a street.  The chair represents all the waste that we throw onto the streets; whether this may be furniture that is no longer of use to us or bin bags littered along kerbsides.

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  1. The paper cut is lovely. As a child (I am mid fifties now) I would play on old slab heaps and in the ruins of old pit heads. I lived in the Black Country. This was a magical place for children with imagination but would be seen as a particularly ruined environment. Most of these areas have been cleared now and have been built upon, houses and a school. However one was left and is now a little forest, home to badgers and other wild life. What is a ruined environment?